Our philosophy, to design and sell products that assist the loss of unwanted body fat and weight . . . . . but with a difference; we do not offer products with an extensive "laundry list" of ingredients, as you will see from the attached list of our current offerings, and there are some very good reasons for that.

Firstly, we have selected those ingredients we use in our products based on pharmacognostical principles; we will only use ingredients with known active constituents, extensively studied, and known to exert appropriate and beneficial effects on the structure and function of the human body. We will combine ingredients which act synergistically, and we also use ingredients at levels where they are active. No marketing hype, if there is no sound scientific basis for an ingredient, you will not find it in our products. No "window dressing", such as addition of small amounts of a herb or botanical just to get a glamorous name into the Supplement Facts panel.

Secondly, our products mostly have applications in weight loss and energy (very often, the underlying principles are the same; increasing the metabolic rate to burn off fat can be achieved in the same way as increasing the metabolic rate to improve sports performance and general fitness). Economically, that also makes sense; obesity and overweight predispose to many serious medical conditions and burden the Nation with massive health care costs. We do make exceptions for what we call "service products", such as our Cleansing Tea, but even our "service products" are based on good pharmacognosy.

Thirdly, we support our customers scientifically in whatever way is needed. Nobody is an expert in every scientific discipline necessary to cover every single herb and botanical that is available in the North American and European markets. So we only use ingredients in our products about which we can claim to be experts, and we can therefore provide you with support for these products, everything from the provision of carefully written scientific monographs through to assistance with the creation of unique formulations and the crafting of Structure/Function statements for your labels that will withstand any scrutiny. Not to mention giving presentations to your meetings and conventions when requested!

Our roots lie deeply in the pharmaceutical industry, and our products are subject to all appropriate Quality Control procedures before we release them for sale. Our ingredient sources are carefully vetted, monitored and qualified before we conduct business with them. No fake or dubious ingredients find their way into our products.

Now read on, enjoy, and hopefully understand our philosophy!

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